Subject: Re: ESR & GNU/Linux security
From: "Karsten M. Self" <>
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2001 04:21:45 -0700
Sun, 21 Oct 2001 04:21:45 -0700
on Sun, Oct 21, 2001 at 04:11:45AM -0700, Tom Lord ( wrote:
> So ESR is hitting up the press by taunting MSFT on security issues.
> Isn't it about time for the "open source movement" to actively disown
> this guy?  I mean, what's going to happen when the first really
> devastating hole hits a bunch of linux boxes?

Two flavors of agreement:  ESR's right to take the hide out of MSFT for
opposing full disclosure.  MSFT's been among the leading justifications
for promoting full disclosure -- and not just of security exploits.

That said, I agree with Tom that GNU/Linux (and other Free 'Nix) users
sitting smug while legacy MS Windows boxen are getting shot down all
'round should repair to their own reputations.

I *do* feel that there are inherent security advantages from open
systems.  No proof against compromise.  Particularly as the confounding
issues that tend to  magnify  security problems in proprietary software
aren't present.  But that's no need to get sloppy, particularly as
GNU/Linux's popularity grows.  And to this regard, ESR's said some
rather silly things.


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