Subject: On topic. 'Signalling'
From: Steve Mallett <>
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001 13:01:23 -0300

Here's an interesting piece I find especially interesting for FSBs and 
high-concept technologies in general:  Signalling.

This guy won this years Nobel in economics.  The basic idea, in my limited 
understanding, is that in a situation where the consumer is underinformed 
they unwittingly seek 'signals' from the seller which indicate a product's 
worth.  People do seem underinformed/confused about FSBs services and FS in 
general.  What signals do you send?

I recently went to my local quikie-mart & saw a SuSE boxed set there.  Next 
to it was the recent Mandrake disto.  The SuSE box was twice the price.  As 
an informed consumer I couldn't justify buying at double the price for any 
reason mentioned on the box.  I wonder about the uninformed consumer's 
reaction.  Would they buy it because it is twice the price?  Is that a 
signal? To some I'm sure. Perhaps the price is outlandish? Perhaps they 
didn't signal me.

P.S.  I buy the occasional boxed set.  
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