Subject: Re: "I've got more programmers than you" reprise
From: Mark Eichin <>
Date: 31 Oct 2001 10:03:03 -0500

Excellent article.  

> I can't say what the difference would have been if
> Berkeley DB 1.0 had been GPL'ed instead. I can't point
> to any single early user who would have declined to
> use Berkeley DB under the GPL.

Just a minor aside -- and I don't know if we counted as "early" -- but
the MIT krb5 release would not have switched from depending on native
dbm's to *including* berkeley db if it had been GPL'ed - kerberos
always took the X11 strategy of observing that having vendors ship it
as part of their base operating system was key to real
adoption/usefulness.  Thus MIT avoided including any "interestingly
licensed" components.

(Actually, if native dbm's hadn't been so horribly buggy we wouldn't
have done it either - we did not need yet-another-included-subpackage.
But db was good, and effectively unrestricted [GNU gdbm at the time
served the technical needs but not the licensing ones.])