Subject: Re: Bug Bounties. Making $ from bugzilla.
From: Ian Lance Taylor <>
Date: 25 Nov 2001 11:01:14 -0800

Brendan Macmillan <> writes:

> It's a *little* bit like that newsgroup dot-com, where people got paid for
> answering questions.  I can't remember the name, or find any links to it,
> so that doesn't bode well.    However, there might be some lessons from their
> experience in the details (it seemed pretty sensible).  If I can remember the
> name, I'll post it; unless maybe someone else already does... ;-) was one such site.  A friend of mine ran their
customer support organization.  They never really got anywhere with
the payment thing--experts were allowed to set a price for answering a
question, but I think most questioners declined to pay it.  After all,
information on the Internet is free. was bought by now
redirects to, which is a volunteer based system for
answering questions.

This is somewhat different from the payment for bug fixing scheme,
because a bugfix would presumably become available to all whereas a
paid answer at only became available to the