Subject: Re: Ximian's proprietary connector for open source Evolution
From: (Kevin A. Burton)
Date: 05 Dec 2001 21:25:06 -0800

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Zimran Ahmed <> writes:

> > > > Any one knows how Ximian is getting away (or
> > not) with mixing proprietary
> > > > "connector" software with an open source base? 
> > Is it the good-o dynamic
> > > > linking does not violate GPL type of argument?
> My question is why did he decide to open source the PIM and make the connector
> proprietary. Wouldn't it have been better to offer a proprietary PIM and an
> OSS connector? PIMs are something less well suited to OSS than connectors.

I don't what the project stats are... how many committers, etc.

I would assert that certain applications, PIMs, editors, don't have real market
potential.  AKA the common saying "there is no money in tools..".

The PIM gets adopted everywhere, people fix it, write code for it, etc.
Everybody wants to use it.

Big CompanyX wants to run Linux and Exchange so they run Evolution, but they
need to connect to exchange.  Boom.  they have to pay $69 a client to get the

IBM is doing the same thing with their eclipse (
project.  They give away the IDE for free and charge for the plugins.

IMO SUN is also doing it with OpenOffice and NetBeans.

Give away the printers for cheap, charge lots of $$$ for the ink.

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