Subject: Announcement: FSL-discuss list created
From: "Karsten M. Self" <>
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2001 12:04:29 -0800
Thu, 20 Dec 2001 12:04:29 -0800
As a followup to a free software law summit hosted by Bruce Perens
of HP September, 2001, a mailing list to address issues of free  
software legal issues has been created,

This list satisfies an unmet need within the free software
community.  While there are discussions oriented toward specific
legal issues such as the OSI's license-discuss submissions review
list, Free-Sklyarov list and DVD-discuss, and there are general  
discussions for free software and free software business, there is
no discussion that focusses on general legal aspects of free

So we've created fsl-discuss.

The list charter is:  Legal issues concerning free software.

This includes: licensing (in a general sense, specific issues of, say,
OSI certification should be directed to the OSI license-discuss
list), patent, trademark, legislation, standards, international
treaties, and other aspects of law.  The list is intended for  
general discussion.

For further information, to subscribe, or to view archives, see:

List moderator and hosts are Karsten M. Self and Drew Streib.

Karsten is a long-time active member of the free software and
GNU/Linux communities, who's been involved in numerous discussions,
panels, publications, and presentations of legal issues.           

Drew is a cofounder of, a member of the Free
Standards Group (, Linux
International, and other organizations and activities.

Thanks to Drew for providing hosting services for FSL-Discuss.

Thank you.

Karsten M. Self <>
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