Subject: DOSSIER, a new FSB...
From: Rich Morin <>
Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2001 14:33:41 -0800

I have recently inaugurated DOSSIER (, a new FSB
which provides "document collections" (
on assorted Free and Open Source topics.  DOSSIER's business model
departs from conventional publishing practice in several ways:

  *  Essentially no proprietary intellectual property is involved.
  *  The editing is highly mechanized, taking weeks rather than months.
  *  The printing is done in very small lots (e.g., 25 copies).
  *  All ordering is done over the Internet (via
  *  All fulfillment is done by the demand printing firm.

In short, this is a virtual enterprise which uses demand printing and
Internet-based sales to provide bound document collections to the Free
and Open Source community.  Early returns (comments and a few sales)
indicate that there is a (small) market for these sorts of collections.

I am writing up a series of articles ("DOSSIER and the Meta Project"),
detailing my motivation and rationale for creating this enterprise.
The first of these will appear in Daemon News ( in
a few days.  Meanwhile, FSBers are welcome to look over the draft copy

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