Subject: Re: BSA: January "Truce" ads airing, SF Bay Area
From: (Kevin A. Burton)
Date: 31 Dec 2001 14:29:01 -0800

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"Karsten M. Self" <> writes:

> I've started hearing the Business Software Alliance's "Truce" campaign
> ads airing locally in the San Francisco Bay Area, several times in the
> past two days on KDFC, the classical music station.
> The ads are thinly veiled shakedown/threat rackets: with a leading question
> "so, how does the BSA get most of its leads?", businesses are told that most
> software piracy complaints are filed by former or disgruntled employees (and
> what company still operating today doesn't have plenty of both), and that
> fines, to $150,000 per incident of piracy, are far more expensive than
> compliance.
> The grace period runs through the end of January.
> While there's been some discussion of the BSA's campaign in the trade press,
> it seems to me that this would be the ideal time for a countercampaign by free
> software related companies (IBM, RH, Sendmail, Sun with StarOffice) to pitch
> free software alternatives.

People who are smart enought will figure it out.

Lets see... 150,000 per incident (is a judge involved?) or just pay the
$2,000,000 we owe in licenses.  Either that or we just pay contractors $500,000
to install (add your favorite OSS software here).

These people will figure it out.

If they can't figure it out they are probably not our target market anyway.
People that are too conventional won't make the jump to OSS until 99% of the
world is already there.  Remember, they are still using Netware! :)


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