Subject: Re: FW: Why would I pay for Ximian software?
From: Ian Lance Taylor <>
Date: 03 Jan 2002 01:15:21 -0800

Tom Lord <> writes:

>        (Of course it's true that Windows and IE are not really gratis, since
>        Microsoft has increased the price of my computer.  But as a consumer I
>        don't see the price differential, and in fact the price does not go up
>        by a significant percentage.)
> Are you suggesting that the way for FSBs to "win the (individual
> consumer) desktop" is (simply and only) to get OEM contracts for
> pre-loaded systems?

No.  An OEM contract is probably necessary to win desktop market share
(unless, perhaps, the free desktop is clearly significantly better)
but it is not sufficient.  The free desktop has to be about as easy to
use as the proprietary alternatives, and there has to be a significant
number of available consumer applications, and those applications must
be able to share data with applications running on existing desktop
systems with significant market share.  I would say that none of those
things are true of the free desktops today, although of course matters
are steadily improving.