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Just in case anyone hasn't heard yet...

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[That's what they claim, at least. :) -Declan]


From: "Microsoft"
Subject: FINFlash Update:  Time running out for DOJ comments
To: <>
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2002 17:26:12 -0800

A FINFlash Update: Settlement News - Public can Comment in Antitrust
Matter; Class-Actions Suit Returns to Litigation

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Deadline Nears for Public Comment on Antitrust Settlement

The Tunney Act review period, during which the Department of Justice
seeks public comment on its proposed antitrust settlement with 9
states and Microsoft, closes Monday, January 28. The settlement is not
guaranteed until after the review ends and the District Court
determines whether the settlement is indeed in the public interest.

The provisions of the agreement are tough, reasonable, fair to all
parties involved, and go beyond the findings of Court of Appeals
ruling. Still, while consumers overwhelmingly agree that settlement is
good for them and the American economy, and overwhelmingly want to
move beyond this litigation, nine states have refused to join the
settlement. Some, including Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff and
Massachusetts Attorney General Tom Reilly, are urging citizens via
email or Web site to submit their comments to the DoJ during the
Tunney review period.

While Microsoft commends these public officials for involving citizens
in a decision that will affect them so profoundly, your voice is more
important now than ever before to ensure that the DoJ hears the full
spectrum of opinion on this matter. Concerned citizens already have
begun submitting their comments about whether the Microsoft case
should be settled or further litigated.

The Department of Justice will take all public comments and viewpoints
and include them in a report for the District Court to
consider. Please send your comments directly to the Department of
Justice via email or fax no later than January 28th.

Whatever your view of the settlement, it is critical that the
government hears directly from consumers. Please take action today to
ensure your voice is heard.

Email: .  In the Subject line of the e-mail,
type Microsoft Settlement.

Fax: 1-202-307-1454 or 1-202-616-9937

To find out more about the settlement and the Tunney Act review
period, go to the Department of Justice Website at:

Thanks for taking the time to make a difference.

Class-action Lawsuit Returns to Litigation

Friday, January 11, U.S. District Judge J. Fredrick Motz rejected a
settlement that would have resolved more than 100 private class-action
lawsuits filed against Microsoft in the wake of the 1999 decision
issued by Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson during the trial court phase
of the federal antitrust lawsuit. Under the proposal's terms,
Microsoft would have given disadvantaged public schools more than $1
billion in funding, software, services and training, and around 1
million Windows licenses for renovated PCs.

Microsoft, who sought input from educators on specific terms of the 
agreement, will  review the court's opinion and at the same time move 
forward with the next steps in the litigation while we continue to look 
for reasonable ways to resolve the matter.

For more information on the class-action lawsuits, go to the Freedom to 
Innovate Web site at .

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