Subject: News: Stanco champions Free Software at World Bank
From: (David N. Welton)
Date: 15 Jan 2002 20:53:09 +0100

        On December 6, 2001, Tony Stanco, Senior Policy Analyst at the
        Cyberspace Policy Institute of The George Washington
        University delivered the following presentation to the World
        Bank's InfoDev Annual Meeting in Washington D.C. This speech
        is part of an initiative by the Free Software Foundation and
        The FreeDevelopers Network (TM) to help create a software
        industry in every country. Only Free Software allows each
        country to have its own software industry on an equal footing
        with everyone else, because it requires everyone to share the
        same source code base. Also, a fully functional software
        industry represents the best way for developing countries to
        join the world economy, because it doesn't require large,
        expensive plants, as do most other major industries.

Like the URL says - no comment.

David N. Welton
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