Subject: WIPOUT Press Release
From: "Alan Story" <>
Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2002 14:37:51 -0000

Dear Friends:

I am passing on a press release that was sent out last week by WIPOUT, the
international and multi-lingual intellectual property counter essay
contest...and welcome your members to submit an essay. While we already have
essays, we have only one in French (and one in German or Spanish) and would
like to have more.

Best wishes

WIPOUT Press Release - 24 January 2002

    WIPOUT, the international intellectual property counter essay
contest, is entering its latter stages after receiving more than 30 essays
from 12 countries. The closing date for entries is 15 March 2002 so there is
still about seven weeks left to send in your essay, short story, or poem.

     Entrants are being asked to address the same topic that the World
Intellectual Property Organisation asked in an essay contest it also
launched in 2001: What does intellectual property mean to you in your daily

     All of the essays submitted to WIPOUT to date and the contest rules can
be found on the WIPOUT site: Submissions are welcome
in English, French, German and Spanish.

      Essays have been received from the US, Canada, Sweden, UK, Finland,
Republic of South Africa, Germany, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, France,
and the People's Republic of China. The winners will be announced on 26
April 2002, the same day that WIPO announces its winners, and will be judged
by an international panel. The WIPOUT prize fund totals 1500.

       We still have available a good supply of the special contest poster
designed by the Los Angeles artist Miltos Manetas. If you would like some
posters mailed to you --- anywhere in the world ----- send your postal
details to and you should receive them in a week or so.
To view the colour poster, go to:

      The WIPOUT site also includes a section of shorter "point of view"
pieces on the same question that will not be judged.

      The contest, which started in September, has generated a lot of
interest and many favourable comments. For example, the WIPOUT site had 1700
visitors in the month of December. Media coverage has included an article in
the New York Times:

   If you are a journalist and would be interested in doing an interview,
send an e-mail to  with your details.

     More than 45 organisations and individuals across the globe have
endorsed the contest (see "endorsers" on WIPOUT for the list).

Best wishes

The co-chairs of WIPOUT

Alan Story, Kent Law School, Canterbury, UK
Lee Marshall, University College Worcester, Worcester, UK.
Debora Halbert, Otterbein College, Westerville, Ohio, USA.

Alan Story
Kent Law School
University of Kent
Canterbury Kent U.K
CT2 7NS.
44 (0)1227 823316