Subject: Re: x-box competition
From: mike_lee <>
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 21:15:04 +1100

Tom Lord wrote:

>Sony puts linux in the living room.
>I quite like the spirit and "realisticness" of:
>Not that I expect them to make a mint with this -- but it's the right
>general idea.
No offence, but isn't this out of topic? This is probabily more suitable 
post for , I don't see the 'business' dealing with 'open 
source' aspect in this story. There 'might' be some business strategy to 
profit from open source embedded in all that marketing, but I certainly 
don't see it based on your comments.

Or have the mailing list somehow changed it's direction and I failed to 
realise it. I really don't really feel there is a need to populate this 
list with information irrelevent to open source business. If there is 
only one post for the whole month, so be it; as long as I get what I 
signed up for. I would much rather miss out on one or two 'interesting' 
story than have dozen redundant information from my other sources. The 
ability to have minimal noise in a mailing list is what we all should 
try to  achieve.

>Editorial: RH needs a media-box partner.
>BTW: can someone explain to me the *technical* distinction, in this
>day and age, between operating systems for embedded systems and
>operating systems for personal computers?  By "embedded systems", I
>don't mean MMU-less CPUs in your car or your industrial robot -- but,
>rather, those OSs which are presumed to be the reason why "the desktop
>is dead".  Is it purely a market distinction with no technical basis
>whatsoever, or am I missing something?  On the one hand, when I hear
>FSB execs tout embedded systems, I think "yeah, those guys are on the
>right track" -- and on the other hand, I think: "those guys really
>don't understand the software they're peddling."
Just by asking for 'technical distinction' you lost a handful of 
audience, I am a programmer, I _love_ technical stuff but this question 
is put into the wrong context, wrong environment for fruitful 
discussion. This mailing list probabily already lost some smart people, 
lets not let it slip further. Sorry if you feel I'm picking on you, 
there are other offenders. I'm an offender by writing this, but I don't 
really want to see this downward trend continue.

Kind regards