Subject: Re: UnixTeX business going under
From: "Russell Nelson" <nelson@CRYNWR.COM>
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1993 23:23:18 EST

On Thu, 11 Feb 93 08:31:34 PDT, "L. Peter Deutsch" <ghost@ALADDIN.COM> wrote:
> The lesson I would draw from the UnixTeX experience is that if you're
> going to run a free software business, you need to ensure two things:
> 	(1) You are paying an absolute minimum of fixed fees,
> "overhead", ... to anyone else;

One place I worked at had a sign on the wall, "Overhead is Death".
They meant it, too.

One way I keep my overhead down is to live off in the boonies.  It
makes travel inconvenient, but in another year I'll own my house.

> 	(2) You are charging a reasonable fee for some service that
> will provide income to support the free activities.

It *could* be that Jeff Duntemann has the right of it in a PC
Techniques magazine editorial, where he says that some businesses
might not be full-time businesses.  So you do several part-time
businesses.  Nowhere is it written that you must have ONE business
and/or ONE career.

I guess the big question is "For the amount of time it takes, do I
earn as much money as I want from it?"

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