Subject: Re: improving project maintainership
From: "Stephen J. Turnbull" <>
Date: 09 Feb 2002 16:58:16 +0900

>>>>> "Tom" == Tom Lord <> writes:

    Tom> Stephen:

	Funny, but what I just described is pretty much what Tom Lord

    Tom> I don't think so, but I find it a bit hard to figure out what
    Tom> you're trying to say, so maybe it is.

You're looking for an infrastructure to promote more collaborative
development, especially cooperation on things like testing core
components, without inhibiting the ability of individual projects or
developers to vary in pursuit of their individual goals.  Close?

I'm proposing that GNU has an important role to play in creating such
an infrastructure.  Further, that the change in GNU priorities that
role requires may resolve the cognitive dissonance I feel, and I think
others share, when hearing criticism of real FSBs from GNU quarters.

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