Subject: Re: Free Software AND Open Source
From: "Stephen J. Turnbull" <>
Date: 13 Feb 2002 15:25:39 +0900

>>>>> "Federico" == Federico Lucifredi <> writes:

    Federico> Quite the contrary - but I do not see OSI being at odds
    Federico> with the FSF. I see the FSF being at odds with the OSI,
    Federico> and I wonder why.

It's quite simple.  From rms's point of view, the OSI leaders are
heretics and deliberate sinners.  The fact that they fail to
understand or refuse to accept the moral imperative does not make it
OK to disobey it.

The slavery analogy, however faulty _I_ may find it, is no joke to
Richard Stallman.  I would surely not "compromise" with slavers.  It
is not surprising to me that, given his moral axioms, Richard finds it
extremely difficult to find any ground to give to the open source

The OSI, on the other hand, does not hold any moral principle that
makes it impossible for them to accept FSF policies and ideas, as long
as the FSF would restrict their applicability to the free software
community (narrowly defined).  But the nature of morality is such that
the FSF cannot.

If you wish to find common ground with the FSF, or at least with
Richard, you need to accept that.  It still won't be easy, viz, my
botched attempt over the last couple of days.  Nor do I find it easy
to keep my temper.  Good practice, though.

Any hey, that windmill will still be there tomorrow....

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