Subject: Re: improving project maintainership
From: "Federico Lucifredi" <>
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 01:50:23 -0500

Stephen J Turnbull wrote:

> I have to admit that the OSI home page is pusillanimous on this point,
> but that's a different issue.

Hm. I looked it over in a hurry trying to see what had changed recently but
I did not find much new. I did not see anything about "free/Free" even when
looking though.... looking in all the wrong places ?

I remember that originally OSI wanted to distance itself from the 'free'
term because it meant freeware to most pointy-haired executives. Of course
one can argue about the choice, but I would agree that in fact freeware is a
very bad word as far as wintel is concerned. The extreme lack of quality of
a lot of freeware is certainly a reputation Free/Open do not deserve to be
mixed in.

That is where I was left as far as 'F/free' in the OSI. Shall I assume that
there is something further ? (besides the attempt not to scare executives
off at the prospect of losing their Intellectual Property, that is).