Subject: Re: improving project maintainership
From: "Stephen J. Turnbull" <>
Date: 14 Feb 2002 01:07:34 +0900

>>>>> "rms" == Richard Stallman <> writes:

    rms> One is that I arbitrarily decided what non-free programs we
    rms> could use.  I explained the reasoning for this decision in a
    rms> previous message.

Yes, and it works fine for why you can't use SSH, and it still doesn't
work for why you can use Windows, the BIOS, Motif, etc.  I see no
evidence that using Windows to run Emacs is done only with the
intention of writing a replacement for Windows.  Furthermore, there
_is_ a replacement for Windows, and it runs conveniently on the same
hardware that Windows does.

Still looks arbitrary to me.

    rms> Another is the idea that supporting Emacs on non-free systems
    rms> represents endorsement of those systems; it does not.

Then how does supporting an interface that happens to be useful for
using SSH imply endorsement, let alone active support, of SSH?

    rms> A third is the idea that supporting Emacs on non-free systems
    rms> is a change in policy; that is not a change.

I didn't say that it was.  Supporting Emacs on this particular
non-free system is a change for that system, and I find it difficult
to reconcile with your "strictly for the purpose of replacing that
software with free software" statement of principle.

You said before that it seemed I want you to set aside your
principles, and that I should know better.  Both are inaccurate
assertions.  I know what I want, and I want to be tolerant.  As for
knowing better, while you are obviously one of the more principled men
I know, after years of (admittedly desultory) study I have identified
very few principles.  Lots of rules of thumb, but attempting to
abstract any Principles from them leaves me in Confusion and Error.

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