Subject: CFP: OSS Engineering Workshop
From: "Feller, Joe" <>
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 17:40:43 -0000

Hello - this is a bit off topic but I thought the list's subscribers might
be interested in knowing about the 2nd workshop on Open Source Software
Engineering, which will be a part of the ICSE 2002 conference in Orlando
this May.  

The workshop is organized by myself, Brian Fitzgerald (U of Limerick,
Ireland), Frank Hecker (CollabNet), Scott A. Hissam (Software Engineering
Institute), Karim Lakhani (MIT) and André van der Hoek (Institute for
Software Research).

We had about 30 people at the first workshop (in Toronto last year) and
expect about the same this year. The goal of the 2nd workshop is to discuss
both the short and long term sustainability of OSS. Specifically, the
workshop will seek to address the quality and maintainability of OSS
products and tools, the replicability and portability of the OSS software
engineering process and tool kit, the stability and sustainability of OSS
developer and user communities, and the viability and profitability of OSS
business models.

Full details at


Joseph Feller