Subject: OT: Giving Richard His Due
From: "Federico Lucifredi" <>
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 19:13:14 -0500

> You have completely missed about 3000 years of human history, which
> effectively ended with the fall of the Berlin Wall.

I am not continuing this nonsense any longer. Frame your statement above,
look at it in 15 years, and you will notice how human history "ended" with
the fall of the Berlin Wall. This will show you who has a clue about
history, and who does not. 5/6 of the world population live in
non-democracies, 1/6 (at least) live in hunger, and more than one half below
the poverty threshold. I can assure you that there is enough suffering and
injustice in this world to warrant plenty more "history" to come. You will
see on 2/15/2017 if not earlier.

Besides the litmus test, I do want to publicly and strongly make clear that
I am not at all associated with you and I will never be, as I am afraid
Kragen is quite simply right with his concerns. Unfortunately, I guess it is
not possible to protect the reputation of the community 'at large'.

Apologies to all those in list for my participating in this needless flame.
(flame > /dev/null).


--"History should not be learned on CNN"