Subject: Re: Free Software vs. Open Source
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2002 12:32:19 +0000

Hi Stephen,

> ralph  <> writes:
> > Are there any examples of a program being deliberately warped to
> > contain a library component so that it gains this benefit of a
> > GPL-style licence?
> I don't see how this could be done.

Splitting an application into a library and an application?  It can
clearly be done.  Just as someone can clearly wrap Sleepycat's BDB in a
simple RPC server the source of which they are happy to release.

> In fact, even if your program naturally contains library components,
> GPLing them may provide very little leverage.

In Sleepycat's experience it has.  I guess it isn't worth it for most
users of their library to `server wrap' it in such a manner compared to
the cost of the non-free licence.