Subject: Re: RH in the news
From: Lynn Winebarger <>
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2002 02:19:35 -0500

On Monday 18 February 2002 04:43, Tom Lord wrote:
> From "":
> 	But the new version won't be as easy to copy as current
> 	versions of Linux, he said. Red Hat offers "ISO" editions of
> 	its product, single large files that can be copied to a blank
> 	CD to recreate installation disks. That practice won't
> 	continue with the Advanced Server product, Cormier said.
> 	Because the individual components still will be available,
> 	people will be able to re-create what makes up the
> 	product. But they'll have to find and download the required
> 	software packages themselves.
       This is news?  Last year I went through all the packages I found 
necessary for a server Linux system, partly to get a better idea of the 
dependencies involved, partly as a way to get better acquainted with 
the tools and daemons, and partly (as a long time RedHat user) to see 
what RedHat was doing that required so much garbage that their 
installer insisted upon putting in.  What a nightmare.  Trying to keep 
track of current source releases from vendors who didn't document their 
patches particularly well (or at all), and used a base source package 
that was from their CVS (so diverged who knows how significantly from 
the proper maintainer's version).  And I never did find source for 
their installer.
      They seemed (from my vantage point) to be of the "open but 
opaque" school of commercial open source quite some time ago.
But I can't say how the other distributors stack up against them in 
this regard.