Subject: "business B" proven
From: Tom Lord <>
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 16:51:10 -0800 (PST)

A little while back I described to this list a change in the service
offerings of FSBs that it is warranted by the use of GNU/Linux by
larger hardware vendors such as Sun.

I argued that those vendors need improvements to many of the
fundamentals of software engineering processes exhibited by the
public projects -- that the set of all contributors will wind up
looking more like a coherent engineering organization.  I argued that
there's an FSB business opportunity to provide the service of proxying
for those companies in public projects and helping to coordinate their
various efforts.

I was happy to read a validation of the business model and its
proposed function from one of the prospective customers I identified
(see below).  This is, I am sure, just the beginning -- there are many
more opportunities like this.  The future is peeking around the

    With Sun's latest press announcement of strengthening its
    commitment to Linux and Linux compatibility, Sun is further
    committed to making GNOME the preferred desktop for the Solaris
    operating environment.

    Sun's priorities for the GNOME platform are threefold: stability,
    accessibility and API compatibility.  [....] GNOME [...]
    must offer a stable platform to ISVs.

    To further these goals [...]
    [....] Sun is partnering with Wipro and Ximian to commit a
    large team of full-time hackers to help drive GNOME 2.0 forward.
    [rumors are around 50 people -t]

    The following categories provide a high level overview of the work
    that Ximian and Wipro will be doing over the next several months:

     * Porting [...]
     * Bugfixing [...]
     * developing and regularly executing an automated test suite [....]
     * Setting up a continuous-build tinderbox [....]
       producing and releasing regular packaged snapshots [...]
     * Cleaning up and organizing the GNOME bugzilla [....]
     * [...] accessibility-enabling every core application [...]
     * [...] developing a full set of accessible [...] icons
     * [...] a comprehensive and independent security audit [...]
     * Performance optimizing [...]

    Sun believes strongly that the GNOME community is GNOME's
    strongest resource, and wants to respect that community and its
    decisions and practices to as great an extent as possible.  All of
    this work will be done within the framework of the GNOME
    community, using the existing public CVS, bugzilla, and all the
    other standard GNOME community practices.

    Sun is very excited to be able to bring additional resources to
    GNOME 2.0, and we are thrilled that this project is bringing a
    large team of new faces to the community from Wipro.