Subject: Re: The stupidity of large companies
From: Russell Nelson <>
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 11:46:12 -0500 (EST)

Forrest J Cavalier III writes:
 > > To make it more interesting, the TLA wants to start on *Monday*, but
 > > they're not jumping at the chance to get me even though their previous 
 > > vendor just crapped out on them.  I've already warned them that my
 > > price is going up by $1K at 5PM today.  I think it's going to go up
 > > another $1K on Thursday if the decision hasn't been made by then.  And 
 > > another and another.
 > Are you planning the price jumps because you think buyers prefer that
 > negotiating tactic?  Is there some rational reason that your time
 > after 5PM and on Thursday costs (or is worth) more?

Costs more because I'm including expenses.  Who knows what the
airplane ticket will cost even after a 24-hour delay?  They want to
start on Monday, and it gets progressively more difficult for me to
get there as time goes on without a committment on their part.

I expect their buyer doesn't like it at all.  He as much admitted that
he was searching for another, cheaper, vendor.  Fine.  I don't mind
being kept as an ace in the hole, but they should expect to have to
pay for it.

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