Subject: Re: Wal-mart drives software industry
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 15:17:00 -0500

Tom Lord writes:
>        From: "Brian J. Fox" <>
>    [mine is bigger than yours and I get more girls]
> I think somewhere back there we skidded off the cliff of "flames" -- a
> particular voicing and writing technique for concisely discovering and
> highlighting the logic behind a disagreement -- into the abyss of
> "gratuitous personal attacks".  Sorry, Brian, I thought we were in the
> same rhetorical space but apparently not.  You mentioned the early
> days of the FSF; one thing I liked about that environment was that
> flaming was a well developed conversational form -- times change, I
> guess.
Actually the wall we ran into was your unwillingness to understand good,
solid advice when it was given to you rather patiently.  10 page screeds
about what the customer should think do not substitute for a good pair
of ears.

Incidentally you have a rather unique definition of what a "flame" is.
The definition at
reflects common usage much better.

>        Find out who Brian Fox is, what he has done, and then hang your
>        head in shame.  [You smell bad and your mother dresses you
>        funny.]
> Don't be silly.

Oh right.  I thought that your recent complaints about how hard it is to
find VC capital might make you open to learning about how you are
shooting yourself in the foot.

You are right, I was being silly and now shall cease and desist.