Subject: Re: Wal-mart drives software industry
From: (Kragen Sitaker)
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 16:23:22 -0500 (EST)

Zimran Ahmed writes:
>    It's *exactly* comments like this one that lead me to
>    my conclusions. "Everyone's" goals are "best" served
>    by freeing nearly all software? Clearly proprietary
>    software companies don't fall into this category.

There are some people whose goals are not legitimate; for example,
Microsoft's goal is domination, not profitability.  Folks whose goals
are domination, subjugation, and uniformity will not have their goals
best served by freeing all or nearly all software.

It's not yet clear whether goals of software-industry profitability
will be best served by freeing all software.  I suspect that freeing
nearly all software will give the software industry a functioning
market again, something it hasn't had for several years.  But I think
it will also divert a lesser proportion of software's value to its
authors (leaving more for users), even as that value becomes greater.

It's probably true that everyone has some goals that are best advanced
by freeing all software, with the possible exception of some

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