Subject: Re: "buying": decision making vs. decision impact
From: Ian Lance Taylor <>
Date: 28 Feb 2002 08:09:22 -0800

Tom Lord <> writes:

>        The customer is already involved in the development process.  Their
>        purchases guide it.
> One thing I've been told a few times, and seen some evidence of, is
> that it's more than just the purchases -- it's the activity of the
> sales force.  My belief has been that at large engineering companies,
> there's an ongoing dialog between the biggest customers and the
> technical planners mediated by the sales force.  Are you saying that's
> a false impression?

I personally never saw any particular evidence of that from within the
enterprise IT organization.  My experience in this area, which is not
large, is that new development in the IT space for enterprises is
generally done by consulting firms like Accenture.  In fact, that
suggests to me that for your ideas about process you might do well to
approach the large consulting firms.