Subject: Free Software Report
From: tiemann@CYGNUS.COM (Michael Tiemann)
Date: Fri, 12 Feb 93 07:48:27 PST

The Free Software Report is a quarterly newsletter that gives
highlights and in-depth articles about free software usage in the
commercial world.  Cygnus is currently providing the funding and staff
time necessary to produce a high-quality 8-page piece (growing to
16-page), and we are also trying to establish a base of subscribers so
we can sell the entire operation to someone who does newsletters for a

The current price for the report is $60 for 4 quarterly issues.  Now
before you say "hey, $60 is a lot of money for a newletter
subscription!", let me explain why we have set a $60 price.
Newsletter subscriptions range from no-charge (Crack House
Classifieds) to over $1000/yr (Esther Dyson's Release 1.0).  The price
of a newsletter is supposed to represent some level of *quality* (the
*value* is implicitly assumed to be sufficient).  The feedback we have
received from the first issue Free Software Report suggests that we
are we easily meeting the quality target for the $60 market.

While I prefer using electronic media where possible, an email message
(even when printed) has nowhere near the effect on managers that a
2-color printed newsletter can provide.  If you are a free software
business who would like to have some additional collateral to help you
sell your goods and services, you should send mail to

	==> <==

Disclaimer: It is not necessary to subscribe in order to get an
article or a mention in the newsletter (ask Rich Morin and others who
contributed to issue #1), but if you want to have copies of the report
to give to suspects and prospects, you will want to subscribe so you
can know what's available.

Shameless plug: For $60, it's probably the cheapest "independent
validation" of free software you can buy.