Subject: Re: LimeWire service level differentiation
From: Alexandre Oliva <>
Date: 08 Mar 2002 02:51:02 -0300

On Mar  8, 2002, (Kevin A. Burton) wrote:

> The free ($0.00) version is advertisement, spyware, and bundleware crippled.

If it were free in the Free Software sense (which would make it
on-topic for this mailing list, I suppose), then you could surely rip
off all the bundled junk.  Since this appears not to be the case,
they're just not in the Free Software Business at all.

> The "pro" version is $8.50.

> What do people think of this?  This model seems somewhat
> dishonest...  Maybe I should just get over it?

Well, there are web sites that offer subscription services for you to
not get ads as well.  As for spyware, that's more worrying.  Even more
so if you can't even look at the source code to see what it's doing...

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