Subject: Re: Development Shop FSB
From: D Henkel-Wallace <>
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002 21:09:28 -0800

On Tuesday, March 12, 2002, at 12:26 , Alexandre Oliva wrote:
> One important issue is that of test suites.  GCC and G++, for example,
> have their own testsuites, but, despite all of our efforts, their
> quality and coverage lags behind some proprietary testsuites and
> benchmarks, of which Red Hat is a licensee.  Using such proprietary
> testsuites surely increases the number of bugs that are detected, and
> that therefore can be fixed.  Unfortunately, it's not something that
> Red Hat can release to the public, and it's not something that Red Hat
> could realistically opt out of, since there are customers that demand
> certain pass rates in proprietary testsuites and performance goals in
> proprietary benchmarks to be attained.

This also addresses the question that started this thread.

Cygnus' (and I assume Red Hat's, if it makes sense) test suites include 
actual customer code, >= 99.44% could never be released outside.  And 
customers were paying to make sure those bugs wouldn't reoccur in a 
subsequent release.

This is a place an FSB can clearly add value.  Jennings, does this answer 
your question?