Subject: Re: the GCC steering committee
From: Ian Lance Taylor <>
Date: 15 Mar 2002 00:39:13 -0800

Tom Lord <> writes:

> Of course, RMS was also an officer of the FSF, as I'm sure Ian knows.
> So my description was completely accurate and is affirmed by Ian's
> description, even though that description is framed as a disagreement.
> Go figure.

You're right and I'm wrong.  In what I consider to be a parallel
universe screwy sort of way, your description was accurate.

I do understand the institutional approach to examining problems.
However, I don't think the GNU world is large enough to merit it.  I
think the GNU world is more easily and more correctly understood by
focusing on the concerns and idiosyncracies of individual people.
Those concerns and idiosyncracies are of course affected by
institutional concerns.  But to analyze RMS's actions solely in terms
of FSF interests or to analyze Mark Mitchell's actions solely in terms
of Code Sourcery interests is to make serious errors, which means that
an analysis framed in terms of FSF interests or Code Sourcery
interests is likely to be misleading and confusing.