Subject: Re: the GCC steering committee
From: Ian Lance Taylor <>
Date: 15 Mar 2002 11:27:31 -0800

"Jonathan S. Shapiro" <> writes:

> The latter is the essential result of open source, not the former. We need
> to come to terms with that and quit pretending that the disconnect between
> the incentive system and the developer social goals can be ignored. GPL
> incentivizes leadership and user interests. It incentivizes developer
> interests only in the sense of allowing code reuse. It does *not* (and
> probably cannot) incentivize integration of changes. Doing that costs real,
> ongoing investment.

I'm not sure I wholly agree with you about the incentives (I'm also
not sure that ``incentivizes'' deserves to be a real word).  Part of
leadership is integrating contributed changes.  If you consistently
fail to integrate changes, then you will lose your leadership.  I
think failure to integrate changes is one of the root causes of the
emacs/xemacs fork and the gcc/egcs fork.

That is, as others have said, the right to fork is the force which
creates equity in the open source world.  It's a blunt instrument, and
one which only creates a limited form of equity, but it is real