Subject: Miguel De Icaza interview
From: (David N. Welton)
Date: 16 Mar 2002 16:20:55 +0100

I thought this might be of interest:

        De Icaza: Evolution is a free product. There is actually no
        way for us to profit directly from Evolution. As soon as Red
        Hat ships Evolution, and SuSE ships Evolution -- Mandrake has
        been shipping Evolution since a really, really early beta --
        there is no way to recoup the investment that we put into
        developing Evolution, which as I said was two years of
        development and 17 developers. So the proprietary alternative,
        although it's something I dislike, it's the only way of
        ensuring the revenue stream to come in for the involvement
        that we've had. That's where it comes from.
        De Icaza: Yes, but here's the other thing: building this piece
        of proprietary software ensures that we get financing to
        develop more open source software. For example, Mono is
        completely open source. We keep developing Evolution, which is
        completely open source. The Ximian setup tools are completely
        open source. All of our work on GNOME 2 is completely open
        source. So it's a balance that we have to strike. And it seems
        to be the only way of achieving that kind of balance for a
        software development company.

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