Subject: Re: How to run an FSB R&D lab (maybe)
From: Ian Lance Taylor <>
Date: 21 Mar 2002 11:18:28 -0800

"Forrest J. Cavalier III" <> writes:

> If universities are a good model for high tech business, the model
> must have revenue on the order of $120,000 per year per student.
> They don't do that, of course.  Instead they charge the students
> $25,000 a year to participate, even though they already claim all the
> commercial and other rights to the significant work produced by students,
> regardless of the proportion of investment.

In general, I agree with your post.  However, one comment.

While undergraduates pay, CS grad students normally don't.  They are
funded directly by the university or by various grants, mostly from
the government (you'd have to be nuts to pay to be a CS grad student,
considering how much you can earn in industry).

I guess Tom's idea is that the company would pay those grants, rather
than the government.  Mind you, government grants are a fraction of
industry salaries.  When I was a grad student, admittedly a long time
ago, I was paid about $9,000 a semester on top of tuition and medical,
and at the time that was considered to be pretty cushy (as I recall it
was partly because I was a grad student at M.I.T., where my father was
a professor, so part of tuition was covered by M.I.T. because of a
deal for professor's children).

CS grad students do have the additional motivation of getting an
advanced degree.