Subject: Re: How to run an FSB R&D lab (maybe)
From: Nick Jennings <>
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 11:45:47 -0800

I think the key issue with this thread is that it would be great
to waltz into work and hop into a beanbag chair. Your laptop
on a wireless LAN, sipping your morning coffee. Exploring and
playing with ideas for a new project, or chatting with your
co-workers/mentors about the days hacking goals,  project design
specifications, new technologies etc. No hard deadlines, or
pointy haired bosses breathing down your neck.

However, this does not inherently provide any reliable product
or profitable business model. Not saying one couldn't be created,
but the ideal seems a self-satisfying "dream job" rather than
a planed out design for an FSB.

In other words:

step #1: re-live college days
step #2: profit!

  Nick Jennings