Subject: Re: "The future is here. It's just not widely distributed yet."
From: (Kevin A. Burton)
Date: 26 Apr 2002 10:41:24 -0700

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"Tim O'Reilly" <> writes:

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Great article...

> There's also an article on this topic resulting from an interview I did with
> Steve Gillmor of InfoWorld at
> late=/storypages/ctozone_story.html.  As with all such articles, there's a
> mix of stuff that he got wrong with stuff that I really said, but I did like
> a lot of it.  

> Why am I sending this to this list?
> As many of you know, I periodically get into activism about emerging
> technologies that I think are important.  So I'm trying to get open source
> developers to think further out about the implications of some of the
> technological changes that are upon us.

OK... I couldn't resist this segue.

I am working on a project which has 4 (maybe 5 or 6) of the items you care
about.  Specifically Open Source, P2P, weblogs and search engines...

I will let the site speak for itself.  Essentially the goal is to build a
distributed publication, subscription and search framework based on reputation
and a web-of-trust.  One could think of it as Meerkat meets Google.... (which is
drastically oversimplifying things).

Reptile search is what makes the system interesting.  Since everything is based
on our reputation framework this allows us to do some very intersting things.
This includes building a sort of neurological search framework based on
reputation so that you can search nodes (and news) for news based on your trust
links. I am working on the paper now and it will be published before ETC.


> But I want to go further than that.  I want to offer fsb subscribers five free
> passes to our upcoming Emerging Technologies Conference: Building the Internet
> Operating System (May 13-16 in Santa Clara, CA).
> For more information about the conference, see

Tim.  This is a great offer!  Thanks a lot!  I just wonder if this is the most
efficient place to handle this.  A lot of the people here seem to already
understand business and could probably afford the conference (except me of
course). There is a community of *really* smart P2P hackers (alpha geeks) over
at, eating ramen and working out of their basements trying to build
the next generation.  I think they really deserve, and would really appreciate
this offer.


Regardles... thanks a lot!  

PS.  Sorry for the late reply... catching up on my 130 mailing lists...


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