Subject: Re: Code Cheats in College
From: "Mark Rauterkus" <mark@Rauterkus.Com>
Date: Wed, 15 May 2002 10:36:18 -0400

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Thanks for the thoughts. A new twist with another CMU based story with a
start-up with 20 x 5-year funders at $25k per year.

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Headline: CMU aims for reliable software

Carnegie Mellon University professors Bill Guttman and Bill Scherlis want to
make computer software more reliable.

As simple as that sounds, their task is a complicated one. As more people
rely on software to bank, shop and do business, the frequency of breakdowns
is causing problems that have yet to be fully measured, studied or solved.

Guttman and Scherlis are tackling the dependable computing problem in an
unprecedented way, by forming a consortium of university, government and
business leaders to make computing systems reliable enough for people to
trust with their lives and livelihoods. Not only do they have the nation's
No. 1 computer science school behind the effort, dubbed the Sustainable
Computing Consortium, but they also have a list of big-name businesses
willing to help with the task.

The consortium members, to be announced tomorrow in Washington, D.C.,
include AIG, Alcoa, Caterpillar, Cisco Systems, CMP Media, Confluence,
General Atlantic Partners, Mellon Financial Corp., Microsoft, Pfizer,
RedSiren Technologies, Pittsburgh law firm Reed Smith, Tata and UPMC Health
System. There are more than 20 founding members, each of which has agreed to
pay the consortium $25,000 annually for five years.

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The potential for open-source software as a main thrust of this type of
organization is ripe, isn't it???

Perhaps an op-ed should be crafted as an open-source opportunity???


Mark Rauterkus