Subject: announcement: FS small business event Fri 24th in NYC.
From: Paul Rodriguez <>
Date: 23 May 2002 06:44:02 -0400

New York Linux Scene 
Small Business GNU/Linux Demonstration

Friday, May 24th  10am-5pm 
365 Fifth Avenue 
New York, NY 10016 

New York Linux Scene ( and CUNY Graduate Center are
holding a free, public demonstration of GNU/Linux in the workplace for
small to medium sized businesses on Friday, May 24th (10am-5pm). 

GNU/Linux is an extremely powerful combination of technologies.  As Open
Source technology, it can be implemented extremely competitively and
securely.  Long available to large companies and educational
institutions, it is being used by, IBM, and NASA to save
millions and increase both stability and security.   

This Friday, we are bringing together some of the best of these
technologies and explaining how they can be the key to success for your
small to medium sized business. We will show you how you can leverage
Open Source technology to save you money, increase productivity.  

It's a great place to see these technologies in action and find out how
they can improve your business.

Some of the solutions we will be demonstrating include: 


10:00 AM-10:30 AM
Ruben I Safir    
Opening Remarks, GNU/Linux and the Small Business

Jonathan Jacobs
X Terminal Services, cross-platform interoperability,
the GNU/Linux Desktop

Phil Glaser

Ruben Safir
SQL Database Management
Overview of GNU/Linux
Mail/Web/File Servers

Marco Scoffier
Graphics and Imaging Software

David Sugar
Bayonne, Internet Telephony

Marco Scoffier and Brett Wynncoop
Internet Audio Broadcasting Server

So please, come join us, and let us show you the technology that's
already at your fingertips.  Please contact for more

New York Linux Scene

New York Linux Scene is a volunteer organization for the employment and
empowerment of the New York City community through technology and Free
Software.  Through leadership and active community involvement we are
changing the face of New York City.