Subject: business, selling development
From: Brian Marick <marick@HAL.CS.UIUC.EDU>
Date: Fri, 12 Feb 1993 11:28:30 -0600

The comment about considering an FSB only part of what you do is a
good one.  For next year, I expect

GCT income:				     	  5% at most
Consulting/training income that probably
wouldn't have happened were it not for GCT:	~30%
Consulting income where GCT played a
marginal role:	   				~70%

I'm assuming GCT income will grow this year, since it's starting to
get mentioned in the trade press.  The other numbers are firm.
Clearly, past work on GCT was important to my business.  The value of
future work is questionable.  John Gilmore described organizing a
development consortium to fund GCC work.  For me, the expected return
of doing that looks dicey: largish upfront investment (time, plus some
legal work), but a high risk of falling through.  (It did fall through
when I tried it.)


John Gilmore's comments make free software development sound like the
"Special Systems" or "Custom Systems" groups some companies have.
I never worked in those groups.  I wonder if anyone could comment on
the analogy?  Are there lessons to be learned?

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