Subject: Re: Choardic Commons
From: (Kevin A. Burton)
Date: 24 Jun 2002 11:57:36 -0700

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Scott Capdevielle <> writes:

> I sent this message out to the JXTA community a few days ago and no
> suggestions so I would like to put it to this group.

Yes... the JXTA community would probably the wrong group.

> One of the reasons that open source projects like this works so well is that
> the participants are intrinsically motivated.

JXTA works well?! :)

> This means that when we contribute to these projects we are motivated by
> things other than short term payouts.  In fact, research has shown that
> remuneration actually "crowds out" the other incentives for collaborating,
> i.e. if a commercial entity approached this group to develop 'for pay' the
> same things we are developing now, the pace of development and collaboration
> we see would start to deteriorate.

What I have been looking at is hybrid models.  The BSD model allows this.

> So the question I ask is this: is it possible for this community (JXTA) to
> organize itself to respond to commercial needs/demands without sacrificing the
> current level of collaboration? If so how?

Yes... Apache has been doing this for a LONG time now.  When I was working on
Jetspeed I was always making money.  Either indirectly by working for a company
that deployed Jetspeed or directly through consulting.

IBM, Covalent, etc, make money off of Apache and this hasn't slowed anythign

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