Subject: Re: The Pledge model -- K5 generates 6 mos income in three days
From: (Jonathan Corbet)
Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2002 07:54:50 -0600

> This is definately not the norm, and for heavy resource (servers, bandwidth, 
> floorspace, etc) using sites like K5, the _monthly_ cost to procure and keep 
> the equipment running is probably higher than all the money they will be able 
> to raise with this initiative.

I have to disagree entirely.  As I struggle with the ongoing challenge of
keeping LWN going, there is only one cost that matters: people.  It's
awfully nice of Rackspace to donate bandwidth to the cause, I'm glad we
don't have to pay for it.  But you have to use an unbelievable amount of
server and bandwidth resources before it rivals the cost of keeping even
one person around.


Jonathan Corbet
Executive editor,