Subject: Re: Donation models
From: "Stephen J. Turnbull" <>
Date: 04 Jul 2002 12:33:28 +0900

>>>>> "Benjamin" == Benjamin J Tilly <" <>> writes:

    Benjamin> Free software projects that attract that kind of usage
    Benjamin> are obviously at an advantage when it comes to scaring
    Benjamin> up donations.

Agreed.  However, what worries me is the "pissing in the soup" effect
of debconf screens soliciting donations and Red Hat selling its
upgrade subscription list to too many "worthy" projects.

Speaking of Red Hat, isn't that a lot of Red Hat's sales to
individuals partially based on a sense of "contributing to the cause"?
Consider Python, too, with a couple of companies selling Python.  It
seems likely to me that direct solicitations from the projects is less
likely to "reach" people who've already paid for their copies.

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