Subject: Re: Chaordic Commons
From: "Mark Rauterkus" <>
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2002 14:51:53 -0400

> Why is there the presumption that "innovation" is "best"?

The book, Crossing the Chasm, has five markets -- or five customer types.
The range includes the early adopters and then to the more mature buyers.

For some at the head of the curve, they do want to buy into "innovation."
That is their thrill and prime driver. But, they are in the minority. The
bulk of the general audience is like yourself (wishing for stability,
predictability, and familiarity).

So, there is a presumption that "innovation" is "best" for some -- as per
the book's lessons.


Mark Rauterkus
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PS: Sorry to double send this message to you Forrest. :/