Subject: Re: Chaordic Commons
From: "Stephen J. Turnbull" <>
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2002 13:43:04 +0900

>>>>> "bjt" == Benjamin J Tilly <" <>> writes:

(responding to Jean Camp)

    bjt> Is the Chicago school behind everything I dislike about
    bjt> current economic thinking? /duck

Yes.  Me, too.[1]

But please note:


Ronald Coase himself, and Milton Friedman and James Buchanan to boot,
three supernovae of the Chicago School, are members of the list of
economist amici.  The rest are card-carrying neoclassicals, all.[2]
The presence of Hal Varian, the author of both the neoclassicist's
bible (Microeconomic Analysis), and the "lock-in handbook" for
rapacious IP monopolists (Information Rules) deserves special mention.

These economists are apparently sufficiently subtle that they
recognize divergent cases, and amend their analysis accordingly.
Ignore their conclusions (that you don't like) at your own peril.

[1]  Just because I believe analysis is correct doesn't mean I have to
like the conclusions.

[2]  Including "poor" Kenneth Arrow, who has spent his life opposing
the social philosophy of the Chicago School wherever possible.  Except
in the theorems he proves which invariably are at least as useful to
his opponents as they are to him.

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