Subject: Re: advice sought (really: fundraiser status)
From: "Benjamin J. Tilly " <>
Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2002 21:46:57 +0800

Tom Lord wrote:
> After months or years at contemplating FSBs, _that's_ your grand idea?

It was better than any that you had.  And better than the plan you
carried out (namely spamming the entire free software world complaining
about how bad a situation you are in).

> Or do you intend just to insult me by saying I shouldn't be paid for
> programming?  Shouldn't be able to afford the tools of the trade?
> Shouldn't have enough time to do anything substantial?  Shouldn't have
> health insurance?  Should have my savings eaten up by asshole
> employers?  What?  In what way specifically do you think I ought to be
> screwed here?  I'm sure you have a comfortable cadre of FSBers who
> will back you up so, by all means, go for it.

Unsuprisingly you miss the point.  The point is that you deserve
whatever consequences you earn for yourself (pun not intended).  The
real question is how you can go about earning better consequences.
Believe it or not, we generally _want_ you to earn better consequences.
But if you don't, we aren't going to cry over that.

So how do you go about earning better consequences?

Stop trying to come up with eloquent lectures on how the world should
be.  Stop trying to claim that the world has changed in a fundamental
way and we should all do things your way.  Stop telling everyone who
disagrees with you that we are full of shit.

You should stop these things because you are wrong and they don't work.
The state of your bank balance combined with the fact that you have no
good ideas for improving it is demonstration enough of that.

Start paying attention and listening.  Start trying to learn from people
who apparently have managed to succeed.  Start getting your basics
recovered (aka fix your credit card) in any way that works.

Personally I think that Simon's idea is a great one.  You need money.
Do what you can to make it, in any way you can.  While you might prefer
to be hired as a programmer, do whatever works.  Sure, waiter isn't your
preferred fallback.  RMS wasn't enthused about the idea either.  That is
why it is a fallback and not a primary game plan for people from RMS to 
would-be movie stars.

Once you have your immediate needs taken care of, I strongly suggest
going back through old fsb discussions and trying to understand the
advice given.  For instance Brian Fox both managed to start a very
successful free software busines, and gave you some excellent advice
about how you could do the same.  (Identifying potential customers, and
then going out and listening to what THEY think that they need was an
important first step.)  I recall your getting ticked off at him and
telling him to shut up, but it was good advice and it would do you good
to go back and read it.

> Maybe I can play too: Hey, your mother wears army boots!  Boy oh boy
> -- now we're FSB'en fur shure!

Capitalism motivates both with a carrot and a stick.  If you aren't yet
tired of the stick, feel free to ignore all of our advice on how to get
to the carrot part.  But don't expect anyone to feel much sympathy for
largely self-inflicted pain.

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