Subject: Re: advice sought (really: fundraiser status)
From: (David N. Welton)
Date: 30 Jul 2002 10:13:59 -0700

From your site, it's not obvious where you live (if you are interested
in consulting work, I suggest that you make it really obvious for
recruiter types where to find you), but moving somewhere cheaper, once
you have the money, might be a good plan.

Living in Italy, I was able to work as a consultant part time, work on
my free software projects, have a social life, ride my bike, and enjoy
my life in general.  Back in the California Bay Area, I can't be very
picky at all about what kinds of work I get as it takes a lot more
just to make ends meet.  

If I really wanted to dedicate myself exclusively to free software
hacking, I would find the cheapest place possible with a good net
connection and go from there.

David N. Welton
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