Subject: Re: advice sought (really: fundraiser status)
From: "Benjamin J. Tilly " <>
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002 01:10:53 +0800

Tom Lord <> wrote:

> 	> Stop telling everyone who
> 	> disagrees with you that we are full of shit.
> I don't think I ever do that, except in contexts where it is obviously
> a joke.   

If so then our definitions of "obviously" differ.

> If you think I've done that in some specific instance, rather than
> letting the insult fester for months and then ranting about what you
> think are the general flaws in my character, you should call me on the
> specific point.

Just to pick a recent example:

Rather than getting pissed off and ranting about all of
the ways that Simon says you should be screwed, read
what he meant.  Simon didn't make the rules, he lives by
them himself.

There have been other examples.  Some of which I pointed
out at the time, some of which I didn't.

> If you ask, in the _context of the discussion_: "So, what, you're 
> saying I'm full of shit?" that gives me a chance to either clarify
> that "Yes, I am" or "Whoa -- no: I was trying to point out <X>" (for
> some value of "<X>").

Your perception of your behaviour and other people's
impressions of the same have been known to differ.  For
instance take a look at

Your "*Thanks* for the *tip*, duke, but I'm *way* ahead
of you." line is absolutely classic.

Incidentally I hope that the thoughts you have about
(*shudder* *horrors*) actually WORKING at a restaurant
did not shine through in your chats with purchasing
decision makers at them...

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