Subject: Re: advice sought
From: Ian Lance Taylor <>
Date: 31 Jul 2002 11:37:10 -0700

Tom Lord <> writes:

> 	a) the expenses and responsibility associated with programming
> 	   are pretty high -- so wages should be too.  *NOT* that 
> 	   this means "Oh, I deserve a lot more than that pipe-fitter
> 	   guy", just that it means my cash flow has to be able to
> 	   handle stupid incidentals like, oh, oops -- my monitor just
> 	   died, better whip out $800 bucks this afternoon.

By the way, I did some of my best programming using a Wyse 50 which
even when I bought it cost me $50.  Sure, it didn't have bitmapped
graphics, but with a 38400 baud connection it was very fast, faster
than the laptop I use today, and when it comes to programming that's
what really counts, isn't it?

I think there's a store in Sunnyvale which sells used old monitors.
It's across the street from Fry's.  They're very cheap, and Emacs
still works fine on them.