Subject: Re: developers & marketing
From: Brian Bartholomew <>
Date: Thu, 4 Dec 1997 16:36:43 -0500

Let me make some statements, and you can tell me if I have understood
you correctly.

> Roland has built a reputation for building "pretty good" equipment
> at a "pretty good" price.  I'm aware of that reputation and I've
> seen it confirmed over many years (mostly music products).

You have an opinion of the Roland brand that has been confirmed by
independent observation and consistent company behavior for years.

> I might reasonably expect these reputed qualities would carry over
> to this CNC equipment.

Because of your favorable opinion of the Roland brand, you have a good
idea of the kinds of technical tradeoffs made in the Roland CNC
machine, even though you know nothing specific about the machine yet.

> This expectation has nothing at all to do with the marketing of
> either the CNC equipment now or the music equipment in the past,
> beyond the "list of features/specifications" for each.  It is mostly
> a consequence of my own experiences with other Roland equipment and
> conversations with others about their experiences.

You claim your opinion of the Roland brand is not partially a result
of successful Roland brand marketing.  I would say that reinforcing a
specific message in your head about Roland is the goal of Roland's
branding effort, and I am not convinced by your claim.

> My response would be a result of the information in the respective
> marketing tools, and have approximately nothing to do with
> snazziness or presentation.

You claim you are totally and completely impervious to the disarming
effects of snazziness and flash.  Again, I am not convinced that any
man immersed in modern culture can be this much of an island.

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