Subject: Re: [ Re: [ Re: arch advocates]]
From: Tom Lord <>
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 12:05:00 -0700 (PDT)

       > Do you understand what I am saying to you?

I hope so.  Email sucks.   Let's see if I do.

	> that they already percieve that they have

[From the grand book of yadda yadda yadda (it just keeps going on like
this!)]: But what if they are blind to the foolishness of how they are
using the technology they possess?  What's the sales tactic in that

[and, on to maybe positive stuff:]

	> Now, if I told you that I could get $4MM in sales in year 1, and I
	> wanted to get 20% of that in my pocket in the form of salaries and
	> bonuses, to be paid only after your first check came in, would you be
	> interested in what I had to say?

I'd say that I'm not agreeing to any particular detail, but that in
the abstract, it sounds like a good deal.  Not wishing to taint my own
negotiating position, but: 20% seems hella low -- but then (aside from
arch) I have a bunch of other stuff too, so maybe we can make that 4
into a bigger number.

One negotiating invariant: my financial car is speeding towards a
brick wall that is two orders of magnitude smaller than the amount of
money you are talking about....  getting me back into not
not-quite-living-hand-to-mouth-mode would be an excellent good will
gesture.  I currently have three OVERDUE bills.

It's a little artificial though -- if we get into discussing that
other tech, and the larger arch picture, I think you might want to
help me become semi-retired as quickly as possible (like, tomorrow
would not be too soon), because *that* is the financial position from
which I can offer the greatest amount of help (I'm starting to get
*old*, man!).   Even that financially absurd transaction is, at most,
a very small blip on the radars of people who watch such things.

(20%?  I think sales should get more -- but then they should also work
harder to bring all of the rest of us into the loop.  Throw a nice
inter-corporate beach party or something -- introduce us all around.)

	> Interestingly enough, you might be able to sell arch to the same
	> people that you have been talking to, if you simply start talking
	> their language.  

I do my best.  I also can't help spicing it up with my own
personality.   Let's not be bigots in this area, ok?

	> And their language isn't about technical excellence,
	> it is about fewer heads, and bigger ROI.

Yes, well, that is the misere' game unless they clean up their act.
"Do well by doing good", "if you build it they will come", etc.  RH
(to name just one example -- the one regionally closest to me) is
horridly understaffed, but that's partly because they aren't using
their resources well enough to justify a larger staff (in my view, at

One time I bought a dell, then needed some linux support.  OH MY GOD
WAS THAT HORRIBLE (as evident to all parties).   The really nice thing
about dell was that, eventually, they managed to find a hacker
in-house who could offer (somewhat embarassed) help.   My
interpretation?:  Ok, the first-cut clearly did not work....still,
this thing could be fixed.